We also provide Professional Interpretation Services such as French Interpretation, German Interpreter, Chinese Spanish Interpretation etc. for all scenarios through our network of external service providers. Each interpreter is selected for his/her ability to manage sensitive and complex situations.

We believe our comprehensive interpreter selection, training and accreditation programme, combined with stringent reference and security checks is what sets us apart. Once qualified, every interpreter at La Classe is required to follow a strict Code of Conduct and Ethics Guidelines ensuring you always receive the highest professional service from skilled and impartial linguists.

La Classe provides top quality professional interpretation services in Delhi and all over India. We have a team of experienced interpreters who are experts in both the language and the specific field required for providing interpretation services. Both simultaneous and consecutive professional interpretation services are offered for conferences, seminars, meetings for negotiations, corporate visits, technical visits, tourists, market research meetings, audit meetings, etc. The interpreters' knowledge of the local languages helps them to pass on the message from and into the foreign national from the local people. Their knowledge of the city, country and overall culture can prove to be a valuable guidance for the visitors.

We specialise in professional interpretation services in the technical domain for assisting companies for visits from their foreign counterparts, meetings, etc. The interpreters from Language Services Bureau have extensive workshop and shop floor experience. Being Indians, they not only can undertake interpretation from and into the foreign language and English, but also help the communication between the foreigners and the workers (who may not know English) in regional languages or the national language, e.g. Marathi, Hindi, etc.

We also provide simultaneous and consecutive professional interpretation services for all Indian and international languages in Delhi and all over India. Simultaneous interpretation services: interpreting services given simultaneously for large gatherings. Ideal for exhibitions, web- conferences, and meetings.

Consecutive Interpretation services: interpretation services in which the interpreter waits for the end of the original sentence or statement to deliver the interpretation. Consecutive interpretations are standard practice for depositions, trials, and other one-on-one meetings.

Our professional interpreters based in India are very experienced trained linguists with an excellent command over the English language, foreign language and local languages, working in the interpretation domain for long years. The quality of our interpretation services is therefore the very best, and still cost-effective.

Typical Interpreting Projects

  • Conferences
  • Business meetings
  • Court
  • Deposition
  • Guided tours
  • Phone conference
  • Hospitals

In recent years we have had the opportunity to perform a significant amount of interpretation. Our interpreters are in great demand, both by companies and public institutions.

We will be pleased to prepare an offer for you concerning

  • consecutive interpretation (training, meetings, business negotiations etc.) in which speech is interpreted after several sentences, or after completed sections.
  • cabin simultaneous interpretation (requires the use of interpretation equipment and a cabin). The interpreter listens to the source speech and interprets it almost simultaneously into the target language. The audience is equipped with headsets to listen to the interpretation.
  • whispered simultaneous interpretation – a type of simultaneous interpretation recommended only in special circumstances. This method requires no equipment and is intended only for a small audience.
  • authenticated interpretation (executed during agreements and the conclusion of notarial deeds, shareholders’ meetings, dealing with formalities in offices and courts). A certified interpreter interprets the speech and certifies a prepared report with own signature.

At the client’s request we provide a complex meeting and conference service, including

  • translation of scientific papers, handouts, marketing materials
  • multilanguage informational materials preparation
  • interpreting service during proceedings and lectures
  • room rental and technical service of workshops
  • passenger transport for participants
  • booking accommodation
  • catering
  • hospitality personnel Interpreting Services

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